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The town was founded by the Roman Emperor and Czech King Charles IV in 1358. Its natural hot springs with the temperature from 42 to 73 C play an important role in a wide range of spa procedures with drinking cures.


There are used to treat diseases and disorders of the digestive system as well as ailments of the kinetic apparatus. Spa guests from more than 80 countries around the world visit Carlsbad - the town with a symbol of chamois, a town of romantic architecture, green parks and view-tower towers, promenades and colonnades.

Traditional and outstanding products of the town are Moser crystal glases, Thun porcelain, Becherovka Liqueur, Mattoni mineral water and spa wafers. Come to this old town of arts with a big choice of cultural, artistic and sporting activities, where many famous music and film festival are held, too. You are heartily welcome to stay at our Hotel.

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